Tattoo You – Considering Your First Tattoo

Considering having your very first tattoo? What should you do now? Certainly, it’s never a good idea to dash off to the nearest tattoo design parlor, select a random style and design and then wait in line to be tattooed.

Listed below are important choices that you need to consider before you decide to move forward on that first tattoo.

Do You Actually Need a Tattoo?

A tattoo is actually a life-time commitment to your body, which means you have to be positively 100% sure that you desire one. It might seem that it is the most significant part of the entire world right now, however are you going to actually feel the very same about this tattoo in the long-term?

Alright, body art elimination technology is definitely developing constantly, however it’s nevertheless time intensive, costly, as well as very painful. Therefore for the time being it is advisable to consider that your particular tattoo design will undoubtedly be for a lifetime.

The actual Tattoo Design and style

When you have made the decision you absolutely desire a tattoo, the next task is to find the design and style that you would like. You will find countless types of tattoo designs and styles from which to choose, such as dragons, eagles, skulls, floral, butterfly, angel, cherry blossoms, sun-rays, and many others. The majority of tattoo designs are executed as a result of pre-designed templates. It is simply your effort of time selecting the one which you are looking for.

Therefore you may elect to search for a variety of tattoo design from Internet websites, as well as considering tattoo style and design publications and chose the overall style of design that you might like. After you have accomplished this, reduce it all right down to the specific design and style that you would like.

As an alternative, if you fail to discover precisely what you are searching for, or that you desire your own tattoo design to generally be distinctive, you could also consider acquiring an artist to create a customized tattoo design solely regarding you.

This approach will be more costly (probably $200-300 and even higher for your layout, determined by measurement as well as degree of fine detail), even though considerably more popular designs may get the job done and quite a bit cheaper since many tattoo design artists should have experience for creating something especially for you. Nevertheless, you should have total command over the way in which your own tattoo appears, looks, and displays on your body.

Always keep in mind, a well designed tattoo will not be inexpensive, having a poorly designed cheap tattoo will cause your regrets for the rest of your life.

Along with a word of caution, if you don’t plan to position your selected tattoo design over a section of your own body that you simply cannot observe (for instance your backside), select a location you don’t believe you’re going to get frustrated by taking a look at. Typically the worst type of scenario is to obtain a brand new tattoo design placed on a noticeable portion of your body that you simply develop to dislike within a couple of months.

You’ll want to select a design and style which will be associated to you in the foreseeable future as it would be presently. This is especially pertinent with regards to designs which include names.

Many individuals obtain names associated with their own children incorporated into their particular tattoo design. This is usually a safe and sound choice simply because they are going to still be your children. However be cautious prior to getting the particular name regarding your husband or wife or perhaps companion tattooed across your own body. Imagine if you separate in the foreseeable future? Might a different companion love the opportunity to be conscious of the name associated with your former mate imprinted around your neck and throat?

Color or Black?

One more aspect to consider that is certainly directly associated with the selection of design and style is whether or not it’s going to be in color or simply black ink. This specific option mostly depends upon the actual style and design which you like.

Black colored tattoo designs generally have far more definition as a result of the contrast with the skin color, this may be even more apparent when compared to the smoothing outcome attained through full color tattoo designs. Colored tattoos have a tendency to be livelier as well as easily increase the characteristics in your particular design; however they can be more expensive.

Just what Section of Your Body?

Prior to deciding which actual area of your body that will become tattooed you will need to keep in mind the dimensions of any chosen tattoo design. For those who have set their heart and soul on a sizeable design, your back, shoulder blades, upper body as well as stomach area will be your most likely targeted area for these types of chosen designs.

Just how noticeable would you like your tattoo to become? Do you want this tattoo to be on public display more often than not, or perhaps would you like so that it is far more hidden? If that’s the case, you need to keep in mind your typical style regarding attire.

You’ll need to be aware of that a number of occupations for instance law enforcement has stringent guidelines concerning virtually no tattoo designs relating to the lower forearms and so on. Therefore if that might be a concern, consult with your current employers initially.

Specific regions tend to be more painful than the others. Generally speaking, regions of your own body from where the skin is usually leaner and a lot more bone, for example a person’s ankles, top of your head as well as lower back, are definitely more painful. Significantly less painful locations to tattoo may include an individual’s shoulder blades, upper body, upper triceps / bicep as well as shoulders. In addition to the amount of nerve endings that’s involved, needless to say more intimate sections of the body could possibly be considerably sensitive. Most tattoo artist will gladly run a dry needle path over a sensitive area to allow you to feel the level of pain that your about to encounter prior to tattooing.


The dimensions of ones tattoo design will certainly to a degree be based upon the placement in which it is found relating to the person’s body. All things considered, a design and style which measures 12 inches square is not going to physically fit around the backside of your hand. Sizeable body art will likely take more time to carry out (and consequently be more expensive), and will also be far more observable.

Tattoo Removal – Know All the Details Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Tattoo removal is not as simple or as easy as getting your tattoo put on. It is a serious medical procedure done by trained dermatologists. The only way to really ensure safe removal of a tattoo is to not get one if you ever think that one day you will not want it. Many people when they get their first tattoo do not think about the consequences that it can bring down the road.

Unfortunately many people have stereotypes against those people that have tattoos which can cause an issue for many people as they begin their professional careers. Many corporations will make judgments about people if they see that they are covered in tattoos. While it is not right it is something that people should consider if they think that some time in their life they will be working in a corporate setting.

Tattoo removal is done with the laser in today’s medical environment. This was not always the case. Years ago they used to sand down parts of the skin in order to remove an unwanted tattoo, or even cut out the unwanted tattoo. These archaic methods have now been replaced by lasers, but do not believe that lasers are any cakewalk.

Laser tattoo removal is just as painful as getting a tattoo applied to your skin. People that have tattoos removed frequently describe it as feeling like tiny bits of splashing hot water against your skin. Although laser tattoo removal is significantly better than the older methods it is not always one hundred percent successful. As much as five percent of all procedures can have an issue with them. Some of the issues that arise are they are not completely able to remove all colors of the tattoo successfully. Another common issue is that the pigment of the skin is removed along with the color of tattoo. While these incident rates are low they should be considered when one is thinking of having a tattoo removal [] procedure. Always consult with a certified dermatologist that has experience before going in for a removal procedure.

Important Tips For Getting Your First Tattoo

Getting your first tattoo can be the most important decision you may make regarding your personal aesthetic and the statement it carries to the World. It should not be a rushed decision, nor should it be one made lightly. People that stumble into a tattoo parlor and randomly pick flash off the wall that semi-interests them late at night after a few pints at the local pub, often regret their decision for the rest of their life. The process may not be exactly the same for any two people, but the tips I outline in this article will give you a guideline of things to consider when settling upon your first tattoo design that will lead to you being proud of your artwork whenever you look at it or show it to someone else – even years down the road when you have almost completely forgotten that you even have a tattoo!

1. Patience The first tip is patience. Do not rush into a design decision. Be sure that the design you settle on meets all of the emotional requirements you will place on your first tattoo. Remember, painful surgery or cover-ups are the only ways to get rid of a tattoo once you have it and both options take a lot of money and thought to implement.

2. Consistency Think of a theme. Here I do not mean that you need one, but you should consider it early if you decide that you do what to embrace a theme. If you get a permanent piece of art that doesn’t fit your theme idea, it will either be out of place on your body in contrast to future tattoos or you are back to cover-ups or surgery. Some people only get one tattoo. That is fine, of course, but most people that get ink once get the fever (like I did) and plan out many return trips to their favorite artist to balance out the tattoos they already have.

3. Your Artist Choose your artist well. Be sure to shop around for someone that has consistently great art. All artists will have a portfolio of their own designs and final tattoos in their parlors. If they do not, avoid them!

Talk to other people who have tattoos you admire. The do not have to have tattoo styles or designs that you want yourself, just decent solid art of which they can be proud. Word of mouth recommendations are usually the best for an artist. Things to ask about an artist include cost, cleanliness, and heavy-handedness. Good artists usually charge less for art they like, design, or rarely get a chance with which to work. Once you get a good recommendation, talk to the artist about cost in terms of what they enjoy and their own designs if you do not already have one in mind. Be sure to discuss the health code issues, as different states and countries have different health regulations. Always go to the artist and parlor that adheres to the regulations or exceeds them.

Some artists are more “heavy-handed” than others. This works for and against you. Artists that place the ink deeper into your skin will cause slightly more pain (if you have any pain at all – more on that below), but they will also be giving you a tattoo that will last longer and stay brighter with proper care.

4. Composition and Placement Positioning is a major factor. Be thinking about if you want other tattoos and how the one that you ill get first will interact with tattoos you may get later. Certain areas of your body will be much more sensitive than others. This can be an attraction for some as well as a turn of for others. Know you body’s limits and think about where you are going to have your design placed. Test placing is standard. Pay close attention to this step. Don’t let an artist rush you through it (although usually they are quite helpful with this step.) Again, this will be there permanently, so do not take this step lightly.

5. Personalize Make sure you design says something emotionally to you. Do not just get a cartoon or a heart with a name on it on a whim. Take out a piece of paper and write down all of your favorite things, artistic or otherwise, and try to narrow down what you are attached to personally. I am a Tibetan music specialist and I have a love for old bad monster movies and therefore I have a theme of Tibetan art featuring Tibetan mythological creatures, for instance.

Back to the artist and the design: some artists specialize in a particular type of art. Seek these artists out if you have a theme or special style in mind. In my case, I found a great artist that studied Tibetan art informally. His work converting my designs to flash was superb and I am very proud of my tattoos because of it (as is he, for that matter.) Let me say again, shop around and do not rush into anything.

One way I found to seek out a great design is using custom tattoo design software and images found online. I provide a review of some of the sites I have looked into on the website listed in my by line resource. Play around with images you find online, especially if you do not have a local tattoo artist to visit. That way you can be prepared to drive to an area that does have many tattoo artists and shop around in one trip. Show the designs you are considering to someone that has a tattoo already and if possible take them with you to get your first tattoo. Assuming all goes well, you can be that person for someone else next time.

Once you get the tattoo, he artist will provide you with heath and care suggestions. Pay attention to these as the tattoo will heal properly and last longer. You can avoid fading, blotchiness, infection, and a myriad of other undesirable things if you merely adhere to the care tactics presented by the parlor. I regularly get compliments on my tattoo as being bright or new-looking, and I got my first tattoo over four years ago.

A well-thought out, well-placed piece of quality artwork will be your pride and joy for years to come, if you exercise patience and do a bit of online and word-of-mouth research. It is as simple as that! Have fun with your first tattoo and welcome to the World of sporting a stunning, inspiring tattoo!